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About Class

If you are eager in trying pottery, surprising a friend with a special handmade gift, or just passing through the city for a short while, our Mug Workshop is the perfect choice for you.

In just one or one and a half hours, you’ll embark on a hands-on journey to craft your very own ceramic mug or bowl. Under the expert guidance of our instructor, you’ll choose the technique that best suits your project, whether it’s coiling, slab building, or pinching.

After creating your piece, we’ll take care of the initial firing at 950°C, preparing it for the glazing phase. Here, you have two options:

  1. Guided Glazing: The instructor will expertly glaze your piece in consultation with your preferred color. A final firing will be needed to complete the product. Your fully finished pieces will be ready for pickup within 2 weeks to 1 month from the start of your workshop.
  2. Upgrade to a 3-Week Course: Want to take your ceramic journey a step further? You have the option to upgrade your 1-Hour Mug Workshop to a 3-week course, where you’ll finish your products, including glazing, with your own hands.

If you can’t make it to collect your creation in person, no worries! We offer convenient shipping to your home address anywhere in the world. Just discuss the details with your instructor, and we’ll ensure your cherished ceramic piece reaches your doorstep.

So, whether you’re a visitor in a hurry, a ceramics enthusiast, or someone looking to craft a special handmade gift, our Mug Workshop promises a unique and enjoyable introduction to the world of ceramics.

Students Gallery

Common pottery pieces created during our ‘Mug Workshop’ include mugs, small bowls, vases, plates, jewelry, candle holders, and figurines.

The majority of the examples featured in our gallery are the handiwork of absolute beginners. With dedication, practice, and the expert guidance of our instructor, your creative possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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About the Instructor & Studio

Our teacher, Gulsah Suster, possesses a wealth of experience working with clay. She’s been a dedicated hobbyist in various studios for a decade and a professional potter for the past five years. Her proficiency, technical expertise, and her reputation for patience, a calm demeanor, and a deep understanding of students’ needs make her an exceptional instructor.

Classes are conducted in both Czech and English, catering to a diverse community of local Czech residents and international participants, including expats residing in Prague and tourists passing through.

Atelier P7 studio has garnered recognition through its participation in various projects, including:

Class Enrollment & Vouchers

Class Enrollment

If you are interested in enrolling in a class, please reach out to us through one of the following methods:


Classes take place on an agreed day and time on a weekly basis. Special arrangements, such as breaks or changing days, are also possible, but they must be communicated in advance.

If you know you will miss a class, you can reschedule for another class with prior notice so that the spot can be utilized by another student.

If you arrive late, you can join the class at the point when you arrive. However, it is not possible to come in early or stay after a pottery class for extra practice.

Access to Studio

ceramics atelier prague 7 AP7Our studio is located inside a residential building. To enter, you need to be accompanied by the instructor.

Please arrive on time for your class, and if needed, contact the instructor via phone (00420 777 140163) or knock gently on the studio’s storefront.

Free movement inside the building is not allowed. Additionally, guests are not permitted to wait inside the building while you are in a pottery class. Please avoid ringing apartment doorbells, as our studio does not have one.

I Have a Gift Voucher

Congratulations, and we are thrilled to have you! Please get in touch with us via email, our contact form, or phone, and provide your voucher ID along with your preferred day and start time. If the class is already fully booked, we will work together to find the next available option.

What to Bring to Pottery Class

You don’t need to bring anything special to your pottery class. We provide aprons and all the necessary materials. Since you’ll be working with your hands, it’s a good idea to consider the length of your nails. If you already have a pottery project in mind, that’s fantastic. If not, don’t worry; you’ll have the opportunity to find inspiration and develop ideas right in the studio.

Last-Minute Pottery Gift Certificate

Whether you’re a meticulous planner or find yourself in need of a last-minute gift, our Pottery Gift Certificate has you covered. Order your gift voucher via our easy-to-use eshop or simply drop us an email.

Beginner Pottery Workshop “Mug” Gift Voucher PDF to Print >>

Printing your voucher is a breeze – just open the provided PDF, and add your order ID or payment reference where is ID: #………..

Fold it along the marked lines for an elegant touch and consider wrapping it with a decorative ribbon or rope for added charm.

After making your purchase, please let us know via email (for non-eshop orders) so we can associate your payment. Please note that unpaid vouchers are not valid. An invoice will be promptly sent once your payment is received.

Present the gift and watch their creativity soar. And in the unlikely event that the gift isn’t perfect, we offer a full refund and order cancellation within two weeks of your purchase. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Enroll in a Course