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At Atelier P7, we offer a diverse range of pottery classes to cater to all levels of experience and interests. Whether you’re a seasoned potter or someone eager to dive into the art of ceramics for the first time, we have a class just for you.

About the Instructor & Studio

Our teacher, Gulsah Suster, possesses a wealth of experience working with clay. She’s been a dedicated hobbyist in various studios for a decade and a professional potter for the past five years. Her proficiency, technical expertise, and her reputation for patience, a calm demeanor, and a deep understanding of students’ needs make her an exceptional instructor.

Classes are conducted in both Czech and English, catering to a diverse community of local Czech residents and international participants, including expats residing in Prague and tourists passing through.

Atelier P7 studio has garnered recognition through its participation in various projects, including:

Pottery Classes Vouchers

Order your gift voucher via eshop or simply drop us an email. If you need it lastminute, you can  have it in 5 minutes, by order online & print at home with adding order id to it.

Present the gift and watch their creativity soar. And in the unlikely event that the gift isn’t perfect, we offer a full refund and order cancellation within two weeks of your purchase. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Students Gallery

Common pottery pieces crafted by our students encompass mugs, bowls, vases, plates, jewelry, candle holders, and artistic figurines.

All examples featured in our gallery are the handiwork of absolute beginners. With dedication, practice, and the expert guidance of our instructor, your creative possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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